Company T-Industry, s.r.o. located Hoštáky 910/49, 907 01 Myjava was established by agreement dated 12.6.2002 under § 105 et seq. Cust. no. 513/1991 Coll. as amended. In the Commercial Register of the District Court Trenčín was registered on 01/20/2003, Section: Sro, Insert No.: 18824 / R.
T-Industry, s.r.o. is a company with a purely Slovak private equity. Its capital is made ​​up of cash deposit in the amount of 100 000,00 EUR.

Since its establishment actively engaged in research and development of technology. The basic domains include systems for measuring, gathering, transmission and evaluation of information. To other activities can be assigned research and development in the field of industrial automation, information and communication technology, design and implementation of software in large scale.

The company operates in the field of special monitoring and control software, design and implementation of LonWorks networks, construction of infrastructure for intelligent buildings, development and manufacture of electronic devices and other specific devices based on microprocessor or FPGA.

T-Industry, s.r.o. operates in the office and also at the branch-office in Račianska Street 109/B, Bratislava.
T-Industry, s.r.o. cooperates for long time with organizations from the public sector, for example with organizations of the Ministry of Defence, which in the past carried out several research and development activities in the area of ​​solutions and products for the purposes of a government agency. T Industry, s.r.o. also holds certificates NSA industrial security.

The company is an active member of the Slovak research and development and innovation network STRINet. T-Industry, s.r.o. has an informal partnership with the Academy of the Armed Forces of the gene. M.R. Stefanik and also works closely with a number of institutes of SAS Bratislava (eg, Institute of Botany).

The primary vision of the company is to become an integral part in the market of specific solutions in the field of information and communication technologies, respectively in the field of industrial automation. For this reason, it has set a number of objectives, including in particular the implementation of applied research and development of custom applications, working closely with the institutions of education, science and technology (universities, Slovak Academy of Sciences, etc..), and building of a positive image (especially through the publication of recent articles, presentations at conferences or participating in trade fairs – exhibitions).