Here you could see and visit us in year 2014:

AMPER 2014, Czech Republic, Brno

Amper 2014 Amper 2014
International trade fair of electrotechnics, electrinics, automation, communication, lighting and security technologies.

AMPER Trade Fair brings to its exhibitors an ideal space for establishing new business relationships, strengthening the competitive position on the market, maintaining relationships with existing customers and enhances image of the brand. And finally the trade fair also offers effective presentation and promotion of new products (promotion not only on the trade fair itself, but also through professional media partners of the fair – articles in specialized portals and specialized printed media and on website). The effect of the fair itself extends beyond the gates of the exhibition centre and date of the event.
Exhibitors – manufacturers of electrical automation technology – will present products and services from the following sectors:

  • Electroenergetics
  • Conductors and cables
  • Electric installation technologies and smart electric installations
  • Lighting devices and systems
  • Electro thermal technology
  • Drives and power electronics, power systems
  • Electronic components and modules
  • OPTONIKA – optical and photonic components and equipment
  • Measuring and testing devices
  • Automation, control and regulation
  • Security technologies and systems
  • Information, communication and navigation technologies
  • Tools, accessories and equipment
  • Production facilities and components for electrical industry
  • Services, media and institutions

XX Edition of AUTOMATICON, Poland, Warszawa

Automaticon 2014 Amper 2014

AUTOMATICON is the most important trade fair for automation, control, measurement and robotics in Poland. The mission of the event is to promote new technology and solutions for industry, through this our macro branch of industry that plays crucial role in economic growth. Every year we have good occasion to see new products, software, components and measuring devices, as well as the most attractive for many – complete applications. 
Warsaw – the administrative, economic and logistic centre of Poland is just the right place for AUTOMATICON International Trade Fair. The 20-years long history of the event has proved the fact. The Fair is always accompanied by series of seminars, lectures and presentations which attract hundreds of specialists from all over the country. More than 10.000 visitors attend the Fair every year and all of them are just the right “Target Public” – people from wide range of industries. From Poland, as well as from our neighbouring countries.

ATX Automation Technology Expo EAST , USA, New York

ATX 2014
ATX East is an interactive event tailored to meet your business development objectives and enrich the buyer experience, featuring live demonstrations, education programs, and networking.

All the resources you asked for:

  • Exhibits packed with cutting-edge robotics, automation and assembly technologies
  • Don’t miss thirty NEW 2-hour Learning Labs with educational sessions including 3D Printing, Automating the Factory Floor, Design Innovation and more…
  • Opportunities for both spontaneous and structured networking, creating exponential key industry contact growth
  • Product releases and live demonstrations not seen anywhere else

MSV , Czech Republic, Brno

MSV 2014 MSV 2014
The International Engineering Fair (MSV) is the leading industrial trade fair in Central Europe with annual participation reaching more than 1500 exhibitors and 75000 visitors from 59 countries worldwide. More than a third of the exhibitors are from abroad.

All nine of the key specialist sectors of the engineering industry are very well represented. The visitor profile is very strong, quite in line with the importance of the Fair. 70% of our visitors are decision makers and buying influencers, a third of them are in senior management roles. As one of the best known and well-publicised trade fairs in the country, it attracts over 400 accredited journalists. MSV is an established brand with a long tradition. We also ensure that both visitors and exhibitors benefit from an excellent range of workshops, seminars and conferences.

Exhibitors – manufacturers of electrical automation technology – will present products and services from the following sectors:

  • Mining, Metallurgical, Ceramic and glass engineering
  • Materials and components for mechanical engineering
  • Drives, hydraulics and pneumatic, cooling technology and air-conditioning
  • Power engineering and heavy-current electrical engineering
  • Electronics, automation and measuring technology
  • Ecological technology
  • Research, development, transfer of technologies, financial and other services
  • Transportation, handling, industrial packing, warehousing and logistics

ELO SYS 2014 , Slovak Republic, Trenčín

MSV 2014 ELOSYS 2014
19th International Trade Fair for Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Power Engineering and Telecommunications
Exhibitors – manufacturers of electrical automation technology – will present products and services from the following sectors:

  • Power engineering and heavy current electric engineering
  • Light technology
  • Electronics
  • Electronic and electrical appliances
  • Telecommunication and radio technology
  • Computer technology
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Electric engineering materials
  • Electric installations
  • Power engineering and heating technology
  • Alarm systems and protecting devices
  • Services
  • Renewable resources

Here you could see and visit us in year 2013:

SPS IPC Drives 26-28. november 2013 Norimberg

SPS IPC 2013 SPS IPC 2013
SPS IPC Drives is the exhibition for electric automation technology. It covers all components down to complete systems and integrated automation solutions.

The trade fair and its adjoining conference are the ideal platform for comprehensive information on products, innovations and current trends within the electric automation industry. Hence it gives an overview of the entire market.
The exhibitors – manufacturers of electric automation technology – present products and services from the following sectors:

  •  Control technology
  •  IPCs
  •  Drive systems and components
  •  Human-machine-interface devices
  •  Industrial communication
  •  Industrial software
  •  Interface technology
  •  Mechanical infrastructure
  •  Sensor technology