Key advantages:

large coverage without increasing number of uplink points

redundant monitoring system in case of any pylon malfunction (MESH network)

secure data exchange between pylon (encryption)

energy efficient MPPT charging algorithms
Aircraft warning light monitoring system is one of the very important safety features of any overhead electric lines, especially in the neighborhood of the airport’s infrastructure.
Monitoring of the functionality of these warning lights should be done regularly to overcome the failures of these light in the shortest possible time.

The smart aircraft warning lights for power transition lines (SAWL) system delivers unique solution for the mentioned purpose. The SAWL consists of the electronic system which is installed on the each of the monitored pylons. Comparing to the various other systems, each pylon may not be equipped with its own host communication capability.

Basically the SAWL consists of two types of pylon units, one type is used for the uplink and monitoring and other type is just the monitoring type. The interconnection between pylons are done via MESH RF network with communication range up to 1-2 km between adjacent pylons. Uplink pylons are then responsible for the complete uplink data transfer to the control and visualization dashboard. This architecture eliminates the high number of the cellphone SIM cards (or any other uplink service) installed near the high-voltage lines.

Powering of all devices are done via renewable power source in form of the PV panel and additional wind-turbine. All the power paths are equipped with the MPPT (maximum-power-point-tracking) technology and the energy is stored in the SLA or Gel battery inside the electronics.

Real system implementation:

implemented in 2018/2019

on the section Lemešany(SK) - Krosno/Iskrzynia(PL) V477 - V478

distance about 13 km

line voltage 400 kV

40 power poles


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