Applied research and development

From idea solution

Step 1The beginning device development or solution

Idea design

blokovo ideovy navrh

The whole process begins with a meeting with the customer, where the requirements for functionality, size, wired or wireless interfaces, display unit and other details about the device that the customer needs to design – create are presented. If necessary, a personal inspection of the installation site is planned and the necessary measurements are made in order to specify the various parameters accurately.

Step 2Schematic connection design

Schematic design

schematicka znacka pri navrhu dosky plosnych spojov

Based on previous meetings, measurements and consultations, a schematic design of the device is designed – an electronic module, which describes the basic electronic functionality of the device, its interfaces and electrical parameters.

Step 3PCB design

Printed circuit board design – PCB

Printed circuit board design – PCB

The step of designing a prototype of printed circuit board is follows. The required functionality, whether electrical or logical, is verified and tested on a prototype piece. The proposal for the design are customer-defined dimensions, packaging or various terminals and connectors.

Step 4Mechanical design

Mechanical design and development of the enclosure

Sledovanie polohy v objektoch

All requirements for the mechanical design of the device, its assembly, location, connectors, requirements for IP protection and many other aspects are taken into the consideration during the phase of mechanical design and development of the enclosure. It is obvious that the visual appearance of the device sells and therefore we offer our customers a wide range of options for installing the device into various enclosures. From cheaper solutions in the form of serial enclosure and boxes from manufacturers such as Hammond, Phoenix contact and many others, to more expensive solutions such as, tailor-made metal designed enclosure.

Step 5Soldering

Soldering – PCB soldering and first start

Soldering, letovanie

No matter how well electrically designed a printed circuit board is, it is only as good as the quality of the printed circuit board itself, the use of high-quality components and, last but not least, the quality of the soldered parts. This phase can also be called as the first start phase. In our company, prototype printed circuit boards are soldered by using professional tools and devices from renowned brands such as Weller and suchlike. Also, the use of quality soldering pastes and solders guarantees a quality soldered circuit, which does not degrade over time. Larger series of PCBs are sent to our partners for professional soldering on the manufacturing line.

Step 6Software



All devices developed and created by our company – electronic modules also contain the software. Nowadays, hardware and software are complementary. Software/firmware into the devices is designed and created based on specific customer requirements. It can only be an implementation of bios and API, with the programming of the higher layers by customer, or, as required, programming the complete application software with a complete user environment and interfaces.

Step 7Testing



The final and the most important step are testing. Every single device, module or just a printed circuit board is tested by our company. All interfaces and basic functionality are tested. For testing and measuring parameters, we use modern measuring and testing devices and instruments, so that the customer is sure that he will receive a fully functional and tested device, as ordered and in the declared parameters.

Areas in

design of electrical schematics

design of printed circuit boards

EDGE modules

IoT - Internet of Things

converters of various signals

IoT data gateways

converters of electrical quantities

GPS location modules

communication modules with NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT)

devices with Bluetooth communication

equipment with radio communication of different frequencies

devices with BLE communication

devices with different communication interfaces

custom embedded electronics

various data concentrators

devices with Wi-Fi communication

GSM / GPRS communication modules

3G / 4G / LTE communication modules

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