SOL - Smart Old Lamp

  • DALI standard, IEC 6929
  • 0-10V control
  • 2 independent DALI / 0-10V channels (SOL v. 5.0)
  • Digital input for motion sensor connection (SOL v. 5.0)
  • Relay output for connecting external lighting e.g. seasonal lighting (SOL v. 5.0)
  • Possibility of delivery without box for easier installation into the luminaire
  • TinyMesh technology
  • Small dimensions

A slave SOL unit provides a lighting control via standards such as voltage control 1 - 10 VDC, or DALI control using PWM input. In addition, the unit further monitors the temperature of a lamp ballast. This information is very important for modern LED lamps. The unit also monitors the light intensity of the lamp using an external light sensor. The unit is independent from an external power source, it is equipped with own batteries. 


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Apollo II RTU

SOL is part of the solution Smart Lighting


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