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Integrators Guide

SOL Lighting Management System (LMS) is from the ground up designed to be integrated into 3rd party systems, especially various IoT platforms. As of today, the most convenient interfaces are those based on web standards.

Therefore, SOL LMS provides:

  • HTTP RESTful API available at http://<sol-address>/opendaf/
  • HTTP WebSocket API available at http://<sol-address>/opendaf/ws/opendaf

SOL LMS, including the HTTP API, is built on powerful Open Data Acquisition Framework OpenDAF.

For a general overview of the API, please see:

It may also be useful to look at description of OpenDAF core entities.

SOL LMS object model consists of many classes of objects. Each such object contains many instances of OpenDAF core entities. See here.

For integration examples please see basic communication examples