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System Apollo

(Wireless Street Lighting Management) is a comprehensive solution that provides on-line, duplex wireless communication with particular street lamps. It allows sending commands for setting the light intensity, provides feedback signals watching the street lamp state (temperature, power consumption …) and potential failures (overheating, etc.). It provides a built-in user data access via web interface or via cloud space.

Apollo master

RTU Master Unit as the central communication gateway/concentrator with Ethernet and Cellular connectivity

Lamp Unit SOL

SOL (Lamp Unit) bi-directional commtunication by wireless MESH network 868 MHz (433 MHz optional) (voliteľne aj 433 MHz)


The interconnection between RTUs and central/remote office based on TCP/IP (wired / wireless)

Simple operation

The built-in on-line user data access via web interface or via cloud space to manage the Lamps and readout any feedback and alarms

Main advantages

  • Additional cost savings by dimming at off peak hours

  • Extend lifetime of LED modules

  • Extend lifetime of Drivers

  • Save on operational costs by limiting the number of truck rolls

  • Ability to self meter and monitor energy usage per street

RTU Apollo master

RTU Apollo is based on a powerful 32-bit ARM 9 processor family. It enables communication via Ethernet, integrated GPRS / 3G modem respectively. A webserver is implemented inside the unit, allowing direct user interaction. Communication with the cloud is provided by http REST Api.

SOL lamp unit

A slave SOL unit provides a lighting control via standards such as voltage control 1 – 10VDC, or DALI control using PWM input. In addition, the unit further monitors the temperature of a lamp ballast. This information is very important for modern LED lamps. The unit also monitors the light intensity of the lamp using an external light sentsor. The unit is independent from an external power source, it is equipped with own batteries.

Examples of a possible use case

    Examples of a possible use case

    Lighting of car parking

    Lighting of parks and public spaces

    Lighting of Business zones

Parameters, specification and datasheets

  • Power supply
    Electrical meter
    Measured variables
    Digital inputs
    Digital outputs
    Max. switching loadon output
  • 230V
    less than 300mA
    L1, L2, L3
    I, U, P
    230V / 40A on output

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