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OpenDAF User Guide


OpenDAF is an acronym for Open Data Acquisition Framework. It is a framework upon which data-acquisition related applications can be built. It is built on a scalable modular architecture providing easily extensible functionality. It can operate on both embedded and server platforms.

The framework is composed of services and modules organized into stacks. Modules and services are configured into the process address space by a service configurator, leading to application architecture determined during deployment. The framework can be extended by creating new modules and services and by configuring them into the process. From the user point of view, framework is configured through its web interface, the WebDAF.

Supported platforms

Tested images are available for:

  • Linux/x86
  • Linux/x86-64
  • Linux/ARM-v7a
  • Linux/ARM-v8 (untested)
  • Windows/x86
  • Windows/x86-64
  • many others possible, but not tested yet