OpenDAF – Open Data Acquisition Framework

 Data acquisition from slave systems
 Data acquisition from local measurement modules
 Command distribution to slave systems
 Command distribution to local output modules
 Uplink communication with master systems
 Measured value scaling from raw range to engineering units
 Command scaling from engineering units to raw range
 Measurement range check
 User function module execution
 Measurement and command archive

OpenDAF is a software framework allowing the construction of industrial data acquisition and control applications.
It is built on a scalable modular architecture providing easily extensible functionality. OpenDAF can operate on both embedded and server platforms.
The framework is composed of services and modules organized into stacks. Modules and services are configured into the process address space by a service configurator, leading to application architecture determined during deployment. The framework can be extended by creating new modules and services and by configuring them into the process.
The simplest way of creating new modules is our graphical module creation tool Modulix which is fully integrated with the Eclipse IDE platform.


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