T-Industry, s.r.o.

Software and hardware development


Industrial Communication

The industry requires the integration of measuring, control and communication features that provide sophisticated management and communication from time immemorial. Our domain is especially industrial communication either within one technology and one production or distributed worldwide. Control and communication modules are offered in the OEM version or in a modified version for the specific needs of the customer projects.

Lighting control

The issue of lighting solutions in the office buildings, office spaces, private houses, apartments and public lighting as well is currently very interested not only in terms of the type of lighting elements (LED technology) but also in terms of functionality, management, simple to use and interconnectivity of these lighting system platforms for intelligent buildings.


Lonworks Powerline

LonWorks technology provides components for sensor systems and actuators of intelligent buildings and sophisticated technology for power – line communication. Acquisition of measured values and the transmission of control commands are provided by a unique LonTalk protocol.


Energy consumption is one of the largest cost items not only for enterprises but also households. Data acquisition and providing of actual data/values of energy consumption (electric energy, heat) or the supplied media (water, gas) is the Smart Metering domain. Our offer starts with a simple product for the secondary measurement of household consumption, continues with consumption and cost management (including a 15 minute profile) and ends with sophisticated concentrators for the data acquisition and communication in residential buildings, industrial parks and villages.



RFID systems

We all have become accustomed to contactless identification, authentication and payment. With RFID we meet in various areas of the life. And just now we offer the individual components for sensing and the usage of contactless cards in the OEM version or in the modified version for the specific needs of the customer projects.


Present time often requires sophisticated solutions tailored to specific customer needs (technology, etc.). It is necessary to offer an integrated functionality with the possibility interconnectivity with systems already used in the customer area. End user not interested in individual/stand-alone modules and components of the system, but the final functionality of the whole/complete solution.

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Types of devices


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Years on the market

T–Industry, s.r.o.

Since its found has been T-Industry Company, Ltd. actively engaged in the research and development of technology. Our fundamental domains include systems for measurement, collection, transmission and evaluation of information. Additional activities can be assigned to design and implementation solutions for industrial automation, information and communication technology and a wide range of software.

The company is active in:
  design and integration of special monitoring and management software
  design and implementation of LonWorks networks
  construction of infrastructure for intelligent buildings (mainly lighting control)
  development and manufacture of electronic equipment and other special equipment with microprocessor-based control or FPGA programming


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