• Wireless communication without SIM requirement
  • 4 x digital input
  • 4 x relay output
  • MQTT uplink protocol
  • GNSS receiver
  • Wireless battery module
HER-A represents a modern generation of IoT devices.
The advantages of the device include simple communication without the need for a SIM card (digital SIM), WiFi, or other networks that require additional resources. The only requirement is the 2G network. The customer receives mobile data that are available until January 2025 and can be used in 33 European countries without additional charges. The device is equipped with an MQTT communication protocol for easier implementation into an already existing IoT network.
HER-A also includes a reliable GNSS receiver, that provides information about the device location. Four digital inputs (dry contact type) are designated for switch sensing. Four relay outputs are designated for controlling the connected devices.
The device is powered by a battery with a capacity of 2000 mAh. The battery life depends on the data exchange interval. The device can be easily charged via USB port on the front panel. Her-A can be equipped with an external power supply (9 - 36 VDC) instead of the battery. The front panel also includes signalization LEDs, that inform the user about the battery life and device status.
The device can be configured via the USB port on the front panel.


Map of countries where you can use the data free of charge

HER-B is part of the solution Industry 4.0


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