„Our goal is to bring to you – our clients, unique solutions in the sphere of information and communication technologies according to your specific requirements.“

T-Industry has been operating on the market for 20 years. We are experts in applied research and development for smart technologies (Smart City, Smart Metering, Smart Grid), the Internet of Things and fully customized hardware and software solutions. During this time period, we had the opportunity to supply our solutions and equipment to more than a hundred customers. We are cooperating with our customers based on long-term partnership. Take a look to the list of references of our satisfied customers who already have an affirmative experience with us. Convince yourself and become our satisfied client!

Since its establishment, our company has been actively engaged in its own research and development. For our customers we bring "ready-made" solutions as well as fully customized technologies based on special requirements of the final end-user. The basic domains include systems for measuring, acquisition, transmitting and evaluating data and information.

Other activities include research and development in the sphere of industrial automation, such as Industry 4.0 technologies, information and communication technologies, and the creation and implementation of software in different fields.

The company offers experience in the following areas:
Telemetry solutions (industrial measurement, data acquisition & communication)
Open RTLS (real-time locating services) platform integrated with UWB technology
Smart city - smart energy platform (technology for smart grid)
Smart metering (PLC communication, IoT, DATA concentrators)
IoT gateways, IoT solutions ("ready-made" solutions, research and development)
Smart street-lighting solutions (Apollo platform)
Customer development, cooperation on research and innovation projects

We have obtained several certificates and awards, during our active participation on the market. The most important international ones certainly include several multiple certificates of merit from the Amper Fair and International Engineering Fair in Brno, or several awards for participation in the Technological Innovation Category within the Innovation Act. We hold a certificate for the implemented management system according to the ISO 9001: 2015 / STN EN ISO9001: 2016 standard. We have long-term cooperation with institutions of education, science and technology - Slovak technical universities, Slovak Academy of Sciences, etc.