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SEAK Panter Master


Parameter Datatype Default Value Description
DEBUG enum 0 Enable debugging
DUMP_TTY enum 0 Dump raw data as received/transmitted from/to tty
DUMP_FRAMES enum 0 Dump received/transmitted modbus frames
TTY tty Communication interface
SCAN_PERIOD float 10.0 Periodic scan period [s]
STATUS_QUERY_PERIOD float 0.2 Status query period [s]
RESET_HOLDOFF float 5 Reset hold-off time [s]
RESPONSE_TIMEOUT float 0.5 Receive timeout [s]
PERMANENT_ERROR_TIMEOUT float 600 Permanent error timeout [s]
REQUEST_TTL float 600 Request time-to-live [s]
EXECUTION_DELAY float 0 Delay between command write and its execution [s]
CONTROLLER_QUEUE integer 16384 Per-controller transmit queue size [B]
BROADCAST_REPS integer 0 Number of broadcast commands repetitions (adjust CONTROLLER_QUEUE and REQUEST_TTL accordingly)
MODULATION_RETRIES integer 2 Number of modulation retries after modulator exception
BAUDRATE enum 9600 Baud rate
PARITY enum even Parity
INTERFRAME_DELAY float 0.0 Interframe delay (0 = 3.5x character-time) [s]
ASYNCH_ENABLE enum 0 Enable asynchronous reception
LOCKING enum 0 Lock tty during bus transactions


This stack supports measurements.

Measurement address

Type: string




This stack supports commands.

Command address

Type: string