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PTNet controlling station


Parameter Datatype Default Value Description
DEBUG enum 0 Enable debugging
DUMP enum 0 Enable communication dump
LOG_ASDUS enum 0 Enable human-readable ASDU logging
PEER_ADDRESSES list_of_inet_addr Destination TCP/IP hostname:port, separate multiple entries with comma
RECONNECT_DELAY float 10 Reconnection delay after connection lost
T_PRM_TIMEOUT float 5 Primary message ack timeout
T_IC_PERIOD float 60 Automatic interrogation period (0 = disabled)
T_IC_TIMEOUT float 5 Interrogation command termination timeout
T_RD_TIMEOUT float 1 Read command completion timeout
TRANSPORT_MTU int 21 MTU transport layer would accept
MULTIPLE_DOWNLINK_IES enum 0 Allow multiple information elements in one downlink packet


This stack supports measurements.

Measurement address

Type: string


This stack supports commands.

Command address

Type: string