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Parameter Datatype Default Value Description
DEBUG enum 0 Enable debugging
DUMP enum 0 Enable communication dump
HOST hostname localhost Destination TCP/IP hostname or address
PORT integer 2400 Destination TCP/IP port
FRAME_SIZE integer 0 Manual frame size incl. header (keep 0 to autofit)
RECONNECT_DELAY float 10 Reconnection delay after connection lost
NPP_OBJECT integer 2 NPP object number
NPP_BLOCK integer 3 NPP reactor block number
SERVER_TYPE integer 0 Server type (transmitted in KRUIZ header)
SERVER_ROLE enum 1 Server role (1 = primary, 2 = backup)
TX_PERIOD float 1 Periodic transmit period [s]
OVERRIDE_TIMESTAMP enum 1 Override outgoing timestamps with current timestamp


This stack supports measurements.

Measurement address

Type: regex


Offset 0 points to first position in frame payload, not frame header!


Commands are not supported on this stack