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Attribute Datatype Category
name string mandatory
description string optional
state enum runtime
timestamp timestamp runtime
severity number mandatory
authority string runtime
acknowledge mode enum mandatory
archivation mode enum mandatory



Uniquely identifies the alarm. Must conform to C-language symbol name requirements (can contain only letters, digits and the underscore, can't start with digit) and must be unique among all alarms.



Free text description of alarm purpose.



Current alarm state. Possible values:

State Active Acknowledged Description
INACT_ACK no yes Initial state
ACT_UNACK yes no Right after activation
ACT_ACK yes yes Active alarm was acknowledged
INACT_UNACK no yes Alarm deactivated, but not acked yet



Timestamp of last alarm state update.



Positive number describing alarm severity value. Exact values are application specific and freely assignable by system designer. Lower number = more severe alarm.



Identity of latest process or user manipulating alarm state.

acknowledgement mode


Valid values:

Mode Description
manual after deactivation alarm remains in INACT_UNACK state until acknowledged
auto after deactivation alarm goes to state INACT_ACK automatically

archivation mode


mode description
none CO is not archived
change CO is archived on every value change
periodic CO is archived with fixed archivation period