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Communication object Per Row SQL client


Parameter Datatype Default Value Description
DEBUG enum 0 Enable debugging
SAMPLING_PERIOD float 1 Sampling period [s]
CONNECTION_STRING string Database connection string (://)
TABLE regex Database table name
COL_NAME regex Identification column name
COL_VALUE regex Value column name
COL_TIMESTAMP regex Timestamp column name (leave empty to use local timestamps)
COL_QUALITY regex Quality column name (leave empty to always use good quality)
WATCHDOG string Watchdog row identification (leave empty to disable watchdog)
MAX_WATCHDOG_AGE float 60 Maximum watchdog age
LOCK string Session lock (consider using ODBCLock when connecting to ODBC datasource)


This stack supports measurements.

Measurement address

Type: string


Row identifier to lookup in identification column



Commands are not supported on this stack